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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a regulatory compliance audit?
    A regulatory compliance audit completed by HHS Consulting will assess your site’s status in regards to what you are obligated to do as it relates to legislated health and safety requirements. Each workplace can have different obligations depending on it’s operations and activities although there are some basic requirements that apply to all workplaces in Ontario.
  • Is a regulatory compliance audit required?
    Employer’s are not required to have a regulatory compliance completed however, it is a good practice to have it completed on a frequent basis, generally every 3 years. Employers may not know what they don’t know, a compliance audit can identify the gaps and assist in putting together an action plan.
  • What is a risk assessment and what is the value of having them done?
    A risk assessment that HHS Consulting will complete will look at the “what if” scenarios in regards to activities that are completed in your workplace and the potential negative outcome such as injuries and illnesses. The assessment will using a scoring system and identify a risk potential rating that will identify a low, medium or high risk. The risk assessment will help to rationalize the decisions the employer takes to mitigate the risk. Employers are required to assess workplace risks and implement corrective actions. Risk assessments are a part of your due diligence tool box.
  • What is the value of having a competency training needs assessment completed?
    Many employers repeat the same health and safety training every year without actually determining the value of the training and whether it is addressing the needs of the employer and the employee. Too many times we implement training without fully understanding what is needed and whether it has achieved what was expected. A competency evaluation can be completed on individual employees and identify whether there is a learning gap. The health and safety questions can be tailored to the specific task/role of the employee at your workplace. A review of the answers can identify training needs as well as identifying the competency of your employees. The same evaluations can be used to verify whether any training that has been completed has closed the gaps or not. HHS Consulting has many years of creating and completing competency evaluations using the format that follows the National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) process used in the UK.
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